Subaru Love Encore Delivery Program

What can your Subaru do for you

As you know, vehicles today are very sophisticated. And your new Subaru is no different, it is engineered with advanced technology to make sure you're safe, comfortable, and entertained on every drive.

To make sure you're familiar with these features and to personalize them according to your needs, Subaru has created the Love-Encore Delivery Program.

On delivery day of your new Subaru there's a lot to get caught-up in, with the excitement and paperwork, let alone all the technology. We want to ensure that you have the full confidence in your Subaru and it's capabilities.

Your Vehicle Technology Expert

Once you take ownership of your new Subaru, your CMA's Colonial Subaru Star Delivery Specialist can schedule at your convenience, a return to the retailer or can meet you at your home for a Love-Encore visit. This service is available to all new owners within 14 to 45 days from your original delivery date.

Please note this process may take about 10 to 60 minute. We work at your Pace to ensure that you understand the features of your new car.

This is your opportunity to ask questions about your vehicle's features and functions. With the help of the Star Delivery Specialist, you will be confident understanding how your vehicle's technology enhances your driving experience.

Your specialist will explain and demonstrate how to use the systems seen on the right, plus many more, and set them up to work best for you. You will also learn about SUBARU STARLINK™ connected services and how to enroll. Please note this process may take about 30 to 60 minutes. The Star Delivery Specialist is your go-to contact for all of your technology questions before, during, and after taking ownership.

We will cover topics like:
Pairing/Using Bluetooth
Power Rear Gate Memory Height
Multi-Function Display
Subaru Eyesight System
My Subaru & Subaru Starlink

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