While most people don't think of a wagon as an adventure vehicle, the Subaru family has always been about creating great vehicles that are designed for traversing the great outdoors. The reason that Outback remains so popular is because it is largely unchanged in its design over the years. After all, while refreshing a few features here and there is fine, there's certainly no reason to completely redesign a vehicle that's already offering the best for its audience.


Subaru Outback is updated each year, but the changes won't be as noticeable as some brands that are constantly redesigning and trying to keep people happy. Thanks to their commitment to quality and driver excellence, Subaru is always tweaking and looking for improvements, but never seems to have to make major changes. That is why Outback is always ready for adventure, whether you choose a certified used model or a late-model new purchase.


It's All About Research

Subaru is great at offering cars that drivers love because they invest a lot of money in research. Not only are they researching consumer trends and automotive industry updates over the years, but they are constantly looking for the best automotive technology and latest in safety features, ensuring that they always deliver what customers want, and more importantly, what today's drivers need. The company invests hundreds of thousands of dollars in research, but that investment results in consistent year-over-year sales growth that most brands don't see.


Adventure and Safety Come Standard

Since Outback is a family wagon, safety features are also going to be paramount to most drivers. Fortunately, Subaru does a great job of combining safety and reliability with the latest and greatest in performance. You will enjoy taking your Outback off the beaten path or even just across the state, thanks to the safety ratings, premium handling and suspension, and durable capability of this smart, stylish family wagon for the generations.


The continuously-variable transmission (CVT) that comes standard on all models offers seamless transitions during acceleration and power that mimics an eight-speed automatic engine. Additional programming enhances driving performance, and as expected, all Outback models include all-wheel drive standard.


More Space for More Enjoyment

The newer Outback models have added an extra bit of length, giving it more legroom and cargo space than older models, which are already quite impressive in their interior dynamics. After all, just because you want to explore the great outdoors doesn't mean that you can't do it in a comfortable, quiet cabin that's got plenty of room for the whole family.


Test Drive One for Yourself

Subaru Outback will change the way you think of wagons. Many owners actually report taking their Outback off-road, and with good results, which is not something that you would expect from a typical family wagon. Of course, Outback is anything but typical, once again living up to the Subaru legacy. Get behind the wheel of a Subaru Outback and head out to see what kind of adventures you can find in this reliable, sporty, fan-favorite wagon.

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