Subaru has a decently-sized lineup of vehicles, but when you ask most people about the brand, they will immediately think of Outback, one of the most popular models available today. This stylish wagon has been updated for the future, featuring premium automotive technology in every nook and cranny, and backed by the reliability and reputation of the Subaru name. If you’re considering investing in a Subaru Outback, here are a few reasons that it should be on your list.


Safety Ratings

Subaru is notorious for offering some of the safest vehicles on the market. It seems that with every new safety innovation, the brand keeps up, delivering many standard safety features that other models will charge a premium for. When you’re looking for a family car, safety and reliability are a big deal. Outback is one that consistently ranks at the top of its class with four- and five-star safety ratings or Excellent grades, depending on the rating authority.


Most models include standard airbags, security systems, backup cameras, and other driver assist features, with various trims offering their own packages and included features.


Interior Space and Comfort

Subaru Outback is also a popular choice for those who are looking for a comfortable ride. Despite being a wagon, there is plenty of headroom and legroom, even in the rear seats, for passengers of all sizes. When it comes to creature comforts, all late-model Outbacks come with a premium infotainment system, and you can even upgrade to premium audio, interior materials, and more. The base model alone, of course, is still quite impressive in the comforts and interior features that consumers need for a comfortable daily driver.


Fuel Economy

Subaru has also been big on creating fuel-efficient vehicles that are designed to get more miles per gallon to keep you on the road for less. They utilize the latest in engine and automotive technology to design some of the most fuel-efficient models for their size and are committed to continually improving fuel economy without compromising performance. Even a family wagon deserves a little pep in its step, after all.


Subaru Reputation

Some brands just have a reputation for excellence, no matter what kind of vehicles they introduce to the market. Subaru is one of those brands. They have been leading the industry for many years in creating affordable, reliable family cars that are designed for daily driving, outdoor adventures, and everything in between. Subaru Outback features all of the things that you love about a wagon, and many models include premium warranties to guarantee your peace of mind. Of course, these cars also have minimal maintenance needs, thanks to Subaru’s engineering technology.


Subaru Outback isn’t the only wagon on the market today, but it’s certainly one of the most popular. If you’re looking for a reliable family wagon that you can add to the driveway, you should definitely take one for a test drive. Whether you like the brand reliability or the creature comforts, you’ll find plenty to love once you’re behind the wheel.

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