You are looking for a quality vehicle that will be able to head out to the forest, mountains, desert, lake, and everywhere else that you and your family and friends enjoy spending time. You want to make sure that you have a vehicle that is durable and reliable, and that can handle everything that you plan to throw at it. You can’t put your trust in just any vehicle when you are heading out into the wilds, and you are sure you will be driving along some rough roads. You need the best, and once again, the Subaru Outback has all you need and more.

Let’s look at some of the things you can expect when you choose the Outback, including some fantastic new features.

Great Technology

While EyeSight Driver Assist technology might not be entirely new to the Outback, it now comes standard with all of the trims. The tech can provide quite a few benefits and help to make driving on the road safer and more pleasurable. It can monitor traffic movement and optimize your cruise control, and it can warn you when you are veering outside of your lane, and more. The Pre-Collision Braking feature will even apply the brakes and help you stop in an emergency.

The Blind-Spot Detection provides warnings if there are vehicles in your blind spot and Rear Cross-Traffic Alert help to warn you of traffic that is approaching from the side when you are backing up. The vehicle has a rear vision camera that comes standard on all models. Active Torque Vectoring, which can help to provide better handling, is available on all of the trims now, as well.

A Durable and Reliable Vehicle

When you are out in the woods on an old dirt road, you want to know that you will be able to get back out of the woods. The Subaru Outback is a good option for this. Built to last, it holds its residual value, and it’s geared toward all of those great outdoor adventures. Of course, it works just as well when you are traveling in the city.

You will find that there is 8.7” of ground clearance on all of the models, as well as X-MODE.  The ground clearance helps to ensure you do not bottom out or have a rock or root damage the undercarriage. The optimized Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive system ensures you have the best possible traction on slippery surfaces. The vehicle has a flexible cargo-carrying system, as well as roof rails and integrated crossbars.

These are just some of the great new and existing features that you can find in the Subaru Outback. You will find plenty of other things to love about the vehicle, the more you explore it. If you want a vehicle that can handle all of the adventures that you can throw at it, the Subaru Outback is a top-tier option that you will seriously want to consider giving a home in your garage.


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