Many drivers will spend countless hours in their vehicles. During this time, they listen to the radio, playlists, podcasts, or other forms of audio entertainment. Drivers need to invest in a vehicle with top-of-the-line entertainment features for these things to be enjoyed properly. An example of a vehicle with high-quality entertainment features is the Subaru Legacy. Drivers quickly learn that this beautiful sedan is an entertainment system on wheels.

The Subaru Legacy comes equipped with a top-of-the-line LCD screen. The primary LCD screen is 6.5 inches and allows the driver to access a number of entertainment options. This LCD screen has an interface that is both easy and fun for drivers to use.

The Subaru Legacy has four top-of-the-line speakers that can be heard from down the street. The driver or passengers can easily play their favorite songs or playlists through Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, or STARLINK. For a quick song switch, drivers can use the steering wheel mounted audio controls. This slick feature allows the driver to access the audio controls without ever taking their hands off the steering wheel.

When looking for a vehicle with high-quality entertainment features, drivers need to check out the Subaru Legacy. This innovative sedan comes equipped with a plethora of entertainment features. These amazing features can make multiple-hour trips in the Subaru Legacy feel like a cruise across town. Drivers that are looking to purchase a new or used Subaru Legacy should head over to CMA’s Colonial Subaru in South Chesterfield, VA. Our team takes pride in their ability to answer any Subaru-related question that you throw at them. We at Colonial Subaru are always happy to help and share some of our valuable industry knowledge!

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