The Subaru Legacy is a Respectably Fuel Efficient Sedan

There  are a number of reasons why drivers prefer fuel efficient vehicles, one of the obvious reasons is that they are a cost-effective choice. This is due to the fact that fuel efficient vehicles consume less fuel than their larger counterparts.

Many drivers will also opt for one of these vehicles because they are environmentally friendly. This is due to the fact that fuel efficient vehicles release smaller amounts of emissions into the atmosphere. Thankfully, modern drivers have a wide variety of fuel efficient vehicles to choose from. An example of one of these wonderful vehicles is the Subaru Legacy - this swift sedan offers great fuel economy that puts the competition to shame.

The Subaru Legacy offers a fantastic fuel economy for city driving, offering 25 mpg in the city. Because of this, the Subaru Legacy is solid choice for commuting in large cities in the state of Virginia. Although it offers a great fuel economy for city driving, the Subaru Legacy is built for cruising down the highway. This vehicle offers a jaw-dropping 34 mpg of highway driving. This makes it a natural choice for drivers that spend the majority of their time on the highway.

In total, the Subaru Legacy offers drivers a combined fuel economy of 29 mpg, meaning the Subaru Legacy is a smart choice for practically any terrain.

After crunching the numbers, there is no denying that the Subaru Legacy is a fuel efficient vehicle. It is a great choice for both city and highway driving. Drivers that are interested in purchasing a new or used Subaru Legacy should visit Colonial Subaru in South Chesterfield, VA. We offer a plethora of high quality Subaru vehicles, including the Legacy. Whether you are looking for new or used, we at Colonial Subaru can help you find your dream vehicle.

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