Outback EyeSight System

Outback EyeSight System

The Subaru Outback is known for being one of the safest wagons on the road, and with good reason.

Numerous safety and driver assistance features are available or included with the Subaru Outback to make sure driver and passengers alike stay safe while traveling. One of the advanced driver assist systems is called EyeSight. This active system uses two cameras, and is like a second set of eyes for the driver, helping to sense and avoid potential dangers along the road. Four different and specific types of assistance are provided with the EyeSight System:

Adaptive Cruise Control helps drivers maintain a set speed while cruise control is engaged, and will also adjust automatically to maintain a safe driving distance between the Outback and the vehicle ahead. The vehicle can also be brought to a complete stop if necessary, and then resume the cruise control once traffic is safely moving again.

Pre-Collision Throttle Management will cut the power to the vehicle if it detects the vehicle is accelerating from a stop when it is unsafe due to an object being in the vehicle’s line of travel. This is a great way to avoid dangerous starts when the driver hasn’t been paying full attention to their surroundings.

Pre-Collision Braking will either stop the vehicle entirely or slow it down when it detects a panic braking situation ahead of the Outback. This makes the domino effect of sudden stops that result in multiple rear-end collisions a thing of the past.

Lane Departure and Sway Warning will generate a chime sound if the Outback begins to drift out of its lane, or is too close to the lane beside it. By keeping the vehicle moving straight in its line of travel, unintentional lane changes and sideswipe collisions can be avoided.

It was the EyeSight System, as well as the other safety features available such as cross traffic alert, blind spot monitoring, reverse automatic braking, automatic high beams, and steering responsive headlights that helped the Subaru Outback earn a Top Safety Pick+ rating from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, and a perfect five-star overall safety rating from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Safety is one of the most important things to look for in a vehicle, and the Subaru Outback delivers. Let our family at Colonial Subaru, a fourth-generation family owned and operated dealership, show you how the Outback can keep you and your passengers safe during any drive.

Call our sales team at 888-929-4456 or stop by the dealership in South Chesterfield, Virginia to arrange a test drive of the Subaru Outback.



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